Hi everyone – Brooking here, new addition to bootcamp and excited to join the experience. I’m a facilitation nerd and always happy to learn from others in the field. I enjoyed the stirring the power pot in our bootcamp this week, and I think my notes on power research were somewhat of a reflection in themselves, as I left reflective on what I know, don’t know, assume and imply about power. One thing I got was that we all hold different implicit notions about this confusing topic, which have significant effects on how we perceive group dynamics and how others perceive our approach to leadership and/or facilitation (12 angry men clip got us going on that question…) So I appreciated the reminder of the power to make the implicit explicit – with no right or wrong even, just that alone can really help in group processes.

Another reflection is that being asked to reflect on power dynamics in my project was fascinating, since I’ve chosen to do a personal/internal time management & career development sort of project. I got this idea to play with internal power dynamics and to design and facilitate a half day sort of process for myself as I would for any multi-stakeholder group. I.e. the parts of self with their different interests – the voice for financial security, the voice for creative expression, community building, physical health, the voice of my parents (we all have that one right!?), etc. I left super intrigued by this experiment and plan on doing it over the weekend if I can squeeze it in, and will report back next week!