Long delayed meeting update!

I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for my meeting update, so apologies I kept you waiting so long.  The design I had set up for the meeting was solely focused on a conversation around Workbench, but the other players in the meeting each had their own agendas as I had partially expected.  Thus, I didn’t meet my epic goal to get us all on the same page about the future of Workbench, as WB was only talked about for about 25% of the total meeting time.

Having said that, we did spend a good amount of time getting on the same page from a historical and current perspective, which checked off 2 of my 3 agenda items.  We also all agreed to set up a follow up meeting in which we included more stakeholders (board members, contract people who are working on programming in the space) to have a brainstorm about the education space in general and think about potential partnerships for our education platforms.  I felt like that was a win – although, the meeting hasn’t been set yet.

In terms of “after the meeting” work – I’m going to be focusing on some research to get an overview of the education space and see what partners might be a natural fit for us.  Thanks for all of your help last week thinking this through with me!  It was the first time I’ve ever thought so deeply about meeting design, and I’m excited to continue implementing these techniques moving forward as it helped me measure my success afterwards even when the meeting didn’t go as planned – as I have a feeling it rarely will.