I’d love all of your help in a little experiment in online deliberation. My friend, Travis Kriplean, has created a tool called ConsiderIt that I’ve been playing with, and I’d love all of your help in trying to evaluate it.

The topic I’d like to discuss is Post-Its. As you all know, Post-Its are a pretty core tool for this kind of work. ForestEthics has recently charged 3M with making Post-Its from old growth forests. 3M has challenged that claim. I’m trying to decide what to do.

To participate in this discussion, go to: https://fasterthan20.consider.it/6b2c096443

As an interesting aside, @renee’s husband is in the green office supplies business, which I mentioned in one of my Pro cards.

Would love it if you all took a few minutes to participate! Feel free to share your experiences of the tool in the comments below. Thanks!