Hey Everyone:

Am excited to be part of this iteration of Changemaker Bootcamp. I’m enjoying the expecting the unexpected aspect after the first workout. I compared the workout to being a contestant on Top Chef–but without the elimination rounds.

My project is to reorganize how I achieve flow and progress in my work and family life. I will do this by reorienting my management practices from projects and todos to rituals, practices and rules. The idea is to be be more present and be more accomplished (and more satisfied with what I have accomplished).

It was a pleasure meeting the other participant, Jess and we already share many common connections. I like her a lot already. So this is a first step in a planned transformation–intrinsic rather than extrinsic.

I’ll keep you posted as to how it turns out.

I’d do it anyway, but Eugene is making me do it as homework.

  • By way of introduction, I’m Eugene Chan. Currently Chief Information Officer at PolicyLink, formerly of The Hub, and ZeroDivide. Father to two growing kids, and an avid photographer. Cheers!