On a more Bootcamp related note, I can share with the team that Bootcamp last week was a little off for me. As I said in my check out last wednesday, I have generally found that Eugene has done a great job of letting us find our way to the wisdom and has structured exercises so that we learn some cool stuff but we don’t have to be lectured. That said, last week I felt a little like I was fishing for the lesson… I wasn’t sure how the exercise we were doing was leading us to a larger principle and I wished for a little more framework or teaching instead of such a discover-it-yourself approach.

I’m really interested in others’ perspectives overall – are you like me in wishing for a little more “lecture” or framework from Eugene or do you love diving in and figuring out the lessons/learnings as you go? And for Eugene, what’s the theory behind figuring it out ourselves rather than providing a framework up-front (or even at the end of a session)?