ah…boot camp 

Hi All,

It has been a privilege to witness the 2nd round of boot camp in action. As an observer, my focus has been on the model itself. I am here because my gut tells me that Eugene is onto something unique and potentially powerful.

After this week’s session I hounded Eugene with questions about the design…things like:

–       Is there a need to formally include “tools” type training in the sessions?

–       Or, at least intentionally sharing of relevant “tips and tricks”? Or a short set of recommended readings? A list of training providers?

–       How big of a group would be ideal?

–       How large could the group get and still bring the boot camp value to the participants? Especially since this round’s small group has allowed for intimacy, trust building and co-coaching that is perhaps less likely to occur in even a group of 8.

I also learned that Eugene’s vision is for boot camps to exist elsewhere.

–       What would it look like without his guiding facilitation? What would be gained? What would be lost? What structure/resources would be needed?

–       Without “expert” guidance, would participants simply keep practicing bad habits? Or, can one trust that the wisdom in the room among the participants would bubble up to prevent this?

And… Eugene’s answers nearly all were reminders that the core of boot camp is practice. practice. practice.

Now, it is finally clicking for me the extent to which Eugene is experimenting with adopting a fitness boot camp model. (I know, maybe I could have caught that sooner…given the name and all.)

The emphasis in my thinking about Changemaker is shifting from recognizing that he is adapting the boot camp (business) model in a space currently served by resources such as project-based consulting to organizations, leadership training, co-coaching/success circles… To thinking about what the wholesale adoption of the model might look like: What unique value does a boot camp space for practice brings to participants and their workplaces? What outcomes can be achieved from this practice-centered model, at what levels, over what timeframe, with what lasting effect?